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Quadriled: modern, stylish dental lighting

Excellent, shadow-free visibility over the entire operating area, not just oral cavities. QuadriLED is an LED lighting unit with four intersecting light beams that produce a spot of 20x30 cm at an intensity of 100,000 lux.
The absence of shadows is ensured by the light beams emitted by the two heads: even if a light beam is crossed by an obstacle, the other still ensures shadow-free lighting, with a decrease in luminous intensity from 100,000 to 50,000 lux.
Thanks to rotation around a third axis, excellent luminosity and chromatic efficiency, QuadriLED provides perfect, uniform illumination of any operating area just like a scialytic operating light. Modern, highly professional looks combine with practicality and weight suited to dental studios. Installation does not require any reinforcement structure. QuadriLED can be installed on a wall or ceiling just like a conventional dental light.



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