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Easy tray

Easy Tray: different elements in one unit

Made entirely of stainless steel, modular and configurable according to your needs, Easy Tray boasts a unique versatility: the five trays can be placed either on the longest or the shortest side, based on the shape of the equipment.
It is ideal to house complementary surgical equipment such as scalers, electrosurgery units, piezoelectric surgical devices, implant micromotors, endodontic micromotors, lasers, surgical Stryker equipment, whitening devices, multi-parameter monitors.
Thanks to the new supports designed by Tecnomed Italia, Easy Tray (white model) can have a monitor or an All-in-one PC, camera, wireless medical keyboard and mouse incorporated: all the technologies to communicate with your practice network or with your patients are now together in a single trolley, transportable everywhere.



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