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Prophy 900 surgical cart has all the tools and features you need for surgery and is designed to ensure maximum operational efficiency. The setup of the available tools can be customized based on the specific clinical needs: Prophy 900 features a instrument table that can be set up for maximum five different instruments.
The quality of the materials used ensures outmost sturdiness and cutting-edge design: the 2cm thick polyurethane instrument table is covered with an epoxy paint resistant to disinfectants. Unlike plastics, the Prophy 900 coating does not turn yellow and does not crack.
• Maximum efficiency: it guarantees smooth work processes, providing all the necessary tools.
• Designed to ensure operational efficiency: it is equipped with all the functions necessary to carry out the interventions.
• All parameters can be perfectly kept under control thanks to the wide LCD control panel with optional soft touch keys and progressive control pedal.
• Indestructible: 2 cm thick polyurethane instrument table.
• Easy movement thanks to the comfortable anti-static casters and the pedal shelf. 



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